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Traditional Japanese Ramen with a slight Italian twist.


License opportunities

At Ramen Akira, our skilled ramen chefs are dedicated to providing customers with an amazing dining experience and serving happiness with every order. We use the freshest ingredients to craft high-quality noodles and broths, ensuring that our customers savor every last drop of our exceptional ramen bowls!

Opportunities to partner with a leading force in a specific industry don't come by often. We're not just showcasing the essence of authentic Ramen from Japan. We're here to demonstrate how genuine Ramen, coupled with an unforgettable guest experience, can unite a community and make a lasting impression!

Locations coming soon!

Ramen Akira looks for individuals with great potential to become excellent partners. Our licensees should possess a passion for the service industry, a proven track record of success, and meet the necessary personal financial requirements.


Licensing Support

  • Receive comprehensive initial management training and continuous consultation for business and operational needs.
  • Continued support for your management team.
  • Receive continuous support throughout the entire duration of your agreement.
  • Receive assistance with design and consulting needs.
  • Assistance with site selection.
  • Comprehensive training for you and your management team

  • Receive on-site pre-opening training for your team.

  • Ongoing Operational Support

  • Quarterly Operational Assessments

  • Mystery Shopper Program

  • Social Media: Effectively manage and coordinate strategies aimed at attracting a larger customer base to your restaurants.


To elevate, educate, and amaze our guests with the freshest ingredients and flavors. We strive to surprise and delight each customer, treating them as if they were a guest in our own home.

& Impactful

Modern yet traditional way to create ramen. No short cuts and designed to make long lasting impression.

Fresh & Quality

Our special soup base is made by simmering top-notch pork and chicken bones. This creates a rich and sophisticated flavor known as "umami." Using high-quality flour and employing special techniques to ensure the perfect texture and taste. Finally, we enhance our signature soups and noodles with the freshest locally sourced proteins and vegetables.

the opportunity to build equity

License Opportunity

Ramen Akira's licensing program offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring the authentic taste and experience of traditional Japanese Ramen to their own establishments.

Licensing Initial Fee


Monthly Loyalty Fee


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